About Us

Delivering farm fresh produce to local customers.

876Farm is a family owned business, committed to providing a wide assortment of the highest quality farm produce and products, at competitive prices, delivered on top of a first-class customer experience.

Our mission is to provide a first-class Customer Experience to the public, while supplying high quality products, at competitive prices against the delivery timelines committed.  We supply primarily Jamaican grown Farm Produce, which includes Ground Provisions, Fruits, Vegetable, Nuts, Seeds, Peas, Beans, Herbs and Honey. Customers’ orders are packaged and delivered daily, seven days a week, to the places of their choice.

We support Jamaica’s “Eat What We Grow, Grow What We Eat” Campaign. Only when products are not available from local farmers, or the local price becomes prohibitively too expensive for resale to our customers, then and only then we choose to import from registered importers who source from internationally certified growers and distributors. Through the same group of suppliers, we import exotic fruits, such as American Apple, Kiwi, Pear, Peach, Plum and Nuts and some Vegetables. On occasions, we will carry seasonal fruits, such as Otaheite Apple, Jack Fruit and Guinep whenever they are available.

We look forward to your support, as we strive to be your company of choice to provide top-quality farm fresh produce and products, at competitive prices.