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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Firstly, you do not have to create an account, or sign in to shop. Follow three simply steps.
Browse > Pick > Pay
Simply browse the Website, and either shop by category, or simply use the search field at the top of the page to search for the items you need.
Click on the item, choose the quantity you need, then click the “Add to Cart” button and the product will be added to your “Shopping Cart”. You may choose as many items as you need and can afford. After you are satisfied that you have all the items you need in your “Shopping Cart”, proceed to “Checkout”. It is recommended that you inspect your Cart to ensure only what you want is in it before you proceed to pay.


Here, you will see the many payment options for you to choose from. Complete the requisite forms, and state where the items are to be delivered. You will also be able to enter special instructions for us to best satisfy request and guarantee a smooth delivery. The delivery costs will also be calculated based on the “Delivery Zone” you selected. Once all is completed, an Order Number is generated, along with an Order Confirmation. That’s it!No sit and wait or go about your business and allow us to take your “Fresh Food, Fast” to your requested destination.*See the benefits of creating an Account.
No. There is NO minimum order value.
We accept payments via Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer and Payment on Delivery, using Cash, or Debit & Credit Card via our Point-of-Sale (POS) Machine.

Credit Card Payments

The accepted credit card types currently are: VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL.
Direct Bank Transfers
Direct Bank Transfers are made to the Accounts displayed on the Website in the Payment Portal after Checkout. To confirm payment via this method, please email a copy of the Bank Transfer Confirmation to: 876farmbanktransfer@gmail.com or WhatsApp the Confirmation to: 876-327-6293. Only after the Bank Transfer Confirmation is received, will orders be processed.
Payment on Delivery (Debit & Credit Card)
We accept both Debit & Credit Cards (with ID Card Verification) for the item(s) delivered only in Kingston & St. Andrew & Portmore.
Payment on Delivery (Cash)
Cash is our last resort method of payment. This is only done in Kingston & St. Andrew and Portmore before 7pm.
Payment for Island-wide Delivery
Island-wide is described as those areas outside Kingston & St. Andrew & Portmore. Payments for these deliveries must be made via Credit Card Online or via a confirmed Direct Bank Transfer. Only after the Bank Transfer Confirmation is received, will orders be processed.
Yes, you can. You may change your order by going into your Shopping Cart and edit the item quantity, or remove/delete the item totally from the Shopping Cart. All changes must be made before payment is processed.
Our Delivery Times are as follow:
Monday – Saturday
9am – 12pm
1pm – 5pm
6pm – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 2pm
Kingston & St. Andrew & Portmore
Orders confirmed before 12 noon for Customers requesting delivery in Kingston & St. Andrew & Portmore, will receive same day Shipping. Orders confirmed after 12 noon cannot be confirmed for delivery on the same day, however, if not delivered same day, it will certainly be delivered on the next day.
Customers requesting delivery “Island-wide” (Outside Kingston & St. Andrew & Portmore), will receive their order no later than 24 hours of order confirmation.




Delivery costs are calculated at a flat rate based on your Delivery Zone. We have divided the country into three Zones for delivery. Kingston & St. Andrew, Portmore & Islandwide.

Kingston & St. Andrew: $350

Portmore: $1,100

Islandwide: $1,600



Our primary source of products is from Jamaican farmers. Only if the products are not available from local farmers, such as exotic fruits, nuts and vegetables (e.g. Kiwi, Flaxseed & Peach etc.), or the local price becomes prohibitively too expensive for resale to our customers, then and only then we choose to import from registered importers who source from internationally certified growers and distributors.


Conventionally Grown
We refer to produce as conventionally grown if the produce (e.g. Yam), was grown the conventional way by applying some synthetic (man-made) chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides, during the preparation or growing stages of the produce. Also, if the ingredients of a finished, processed or packaged product of a produce grown by conventional methods (Synthetic chemicals added), then we classify the product as conventionally grown. Where we cannot verify the method of growing of a produce or the ingredients of a product, we also classify that product as conventionally grown.

Naturally Grown

We refer to produce or finished products made with ingredients as naturally grown, if they were grown without applying any synthetic (man-made) chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides, during the preparation or growing stages of the produce.

Certified Naturally Grown is a Participatory Guarantee System. This system has existed for decades, but in recent years, its has gained recognition for the valuable role it plays in the organic movement by including small-scale farmers in organic guarantee systems.

The Participatory Guarantee System provides an important alternative to third-party certification programs. In addition to being more affordable and less reliant on paperwork, the system is distinguished by its approach. Inspections are carried out by peers – typically other farmers in the area.

This model is based on transparency, trust, and direct relationships, which is backed up by a Residue Test to verify they the produce was indeed Naturally Grown. The Participatory Guarantee System fosters local networks that strengthen the farming community through mutual support and educational opportunities.

We refer to produce or finished products made with ingredients as Organic, if they were grown without applying any synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, or Fungicides, during the preparation or growing stages of the produce, and IS CERTIFIED by an Approved Organic Certifying Organization.


Most of produce are packaged in cardboard boxes. The type and amount of produce purchased, determine the size and type of box used. All our packages will bear a tamper proof seal, if the seal is broken or removed, upon receipt of your package, please immediately confirm the contents of the package with your order, then report the breach to 876Farm. We recycle, so we encourage the reuse and return of the cardboard boxes for future purchases.


If still you have an unanswered question, please let us know via the following:
Email: customercare@876farm.com
Telephone: (876) FARM-AXE, (876-327-6293) or 876-929-7796
Online Customer Service Chat: www.876Farm.com