Corporate Social Responsibility

876Farm is committed to doing its part in contributing to the development of Jamaica and the preservation of Jamaica’s natural resources. Our CSR Programme hinges on the tenets of sustainability.




S O C I A L          E N V I R O N M E N T A L          E C O N O M I C A L

Social Support   (The Vulnerable)

We begin our business with a commitment to provide a weekly supply of farm produce to the Marie Atkins Night Shelter (MANS).
The MANS, named in honor of Marie Atkins, a former mayor of Kingston, is a project of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, in partnership with Food for the Poor, The Salvation Army, and The Jamaica Constabulary Force. MANS provides shelter and daily meals for over 150 homeless and vulnerable persons in the Corporate Area.

Social Support   (Youth Development in Agriculture)

Young Farmer Support (YFS)
Our Young Farmer Support Programme is the vehicle our company uses to provide resource support to young farmers ages 17 to 27. After going through a vetting process, the young farmer will receive assistance to purchase farm equipment and resources for the approved venture. Technical assistance will also be leveraged through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) the Agro-Investment Corporation (Agro-Invest)

Environmental Sustainability

In our efforts to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, we have focused our Environmental Sustainability Programme on two main areas.

  1. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
  2. Sustainable Farming Practices
  3. Efficient Energy Use

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

876Farm only uses biodegradable and reusable materials in its packaging process. In your box, depending on your order, you may find products from several manufacturers and suppliers, of which we cannot confirm the type of packaging materials they used. Where possible, we replace these environmentally harmful packaging and replace them with our Earth friendly substitutes.

We reuse carton our boxes where possible. Hence, we kindly ask our customers to return the boxes whenever possible. Also, we collect and use carton boxes from partner companies who share in the common good of reuse and recycle. If you care to join us on the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Campaign in saving the Earth, and you don’t mind receiving your produce in an approved reused box, kindly click on the recycle sign at check out. We will also honour your wishes if you choose not to, thus send your produce in a new carton.

We support the Jamaica Recycling Campaign through our internal processes where we separate our waste (Plastics, Refuse & Compost) and dispose of them responsibly, using the appropriate disposal service.

We encourage our farmers to employ sustainable farming practices that promote;
The efficient use of water
The building and maintaining of healthy soil
The minimization of the pollution of air, water and soil

Our Packinghouse uses only low wattage LED lights and energy efficient equipment where available. We also maximize the use of natural light when available and employ the “Turn-off When Not in Use” Policy to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Economic Sustainability

While we pursue financial success for our business venture, we are cognizant of the fact of our responsibility to find the balance between economic success and environmental sustainability. Hence, we see our business not only as a Economic Venture, but also as a Socially Responsible Investment. Through our farmers who supply our products, and our partner companies that supply packaging materials (new & reused), and other services, we work as a team to provide our customers with high-quality fresh farm produce and products, at competitive prices while employing and encouraging sustainable practices.