Order & Payment Policy

876Farm (“we” and “us”) is the operator of (www.876farm.com) (“Website”). By placing an order through this Website, you will be agreeing to the terms below. These are provided to ensure both parties are aware of and agree upon this arrangement to mutually protect and set expectations on our service.

  1. General

All Orders, once confirmed are due payable by the customer, unless cancelled purchases are subject to stock availability. We try to maintain accurate stock counts on our Website. We deliver the items ordered or otherwise negotiated. (See Delivery Policy regarding Items Out of Stock)

  1. Placing an Order

Customer may browse the Website and choose the item(s) required, proceed to “Checkout”, then select the method of payment and follow the steps to completion. Once all the respective requirements are met, an Order Number generated, and the Order is confirmed. The Customer will then receive a confirmation message. If the Order is not cancelled within the timeframe allowed and the conditions of cancellations are satisfied, then payment in the amount of the confirmed Order is due by the Customer.

  1. Cancellations

If you should change your mind before you have received your order, 876Farm will accept your cancellation request, only if your order HAS NOT been dispatched from our warehouse. If an order has already been dispatched, then the payment is due. To expedite a cancellation request, please do so via the following:

Email: cancel876farm@gmail.com

Telephone: (876) FARM-AXE, (876-327-6293) or 876-929-7796

  1. Payment

Payments for orders are made via the Payment Options stated on the Website.

We currently accept payments via Direct Bank Transfer and Payment on Delivery, using Cash, or Debit & Credit Card via our Point-of-Sale (POS) Machine.

Direct Bank Transfers

Direct Bank Transfers are made to the Accounts displayed on the Website in the Payment Portal after Checkout. To confirm payment via this method, please email a copy of the Bank Transfer Confirmation to: 876farmbanktransfer@gmail.com or WhatsApp the Confirmation to: 876-327-6293. Only after the Bank Transfer Confirmation is received, will orders be processed.

Payment on Delivery (Debit & Credit Card)

We accept both Debit & Credit Cards (with ID Card Verification) for the item(s) delivered only in Kingston & St. Andrew and Portmore.

Payment on Delivery (Cash)

Cash is our last resort method of payment. This is only done in Kingston & St. Andrew, and Portmore, before 7pm.

Payment for Island-wide Delivery

Island-wide is described as those areas outside Kingston & St. Andrew and Portmore.. Payments for Island-wide deliveries must be made via Direct Bank Transfer. Only after the Bank Transfer Confirmation is received, will orders be processed.

  1. Revision of Policy

876Farm reserves the right to revise this Order & Payment Policy periodically, without notice. However, when we do, we will post the revised edition on the Website/Platform. Please revisit this page to stay aware of any changes and the “Effective Date”.

  1. Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Order & Payment Policy, you may contact as follows:

Email: customercare@876farm.com

Telephone: (876) FARM-AXE, (876-327-6293) or 876-929-7796

Effective Date: October 1, 2019