Our Farmers

Meet our farmers and get acquainted with your food.


Georgia McLean

Lowley, Orange Bay, Portland, Jamaica

Georgia owns and operates a pumpkin farm, where she supplies the local market as well as exporters. She also grows plantain on her farm and will be adding sweet pepper and papaya to her offering. Georgia is currently enrolled at the College of Agricultural Science and Education (CASE).


Olive Bogle

Yallahs,St. Thomas, Jamaica

Oliver is a second-generation farmer, continuing in the footsteps of his father. He is a member of a small but growing group of farmers that grows their produce naturally. They use no man-made fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides on their crops. Oliver currently grows bananas, plantains, papayas and avocados, along with several herbs and spices. This highly skilled farmer is obviously great with his hands as he is also a certified chef as well as a certified auto mechanic


Donovan Hylton

Chapeton, Clarendon, Jamaica

Donnavon operates a mixed crop farm in the hills of Clarendon where he grows pumpkin, corn, scotch bonnet pepper, pak choy, tomatoes and cabbage among things. He is assisted by his two daughters, who are Agro Scientists in training, currently enrolled at the College of Agricultural Science and Education (CASE). Donnavon also has plans to enter the Agro Processing Industry, with an eye on the export market.


Glenwick Clarke

Dunbeholden,St. Catherine, Jamaica

Glen owns and operates GDF Bee Farm which supplies honey and other bees related products. This once highly skilled carpenter who started with four boxes of bees as a hobby, has grown his business to a four farm, 100 hive operation in five Parishes. Now a certified Bee Keeper, Glen compliments his honey supplies with propolis ointment, propolis shampoo, propolis hair oil and treatment, bees wax lip balm, and pollen. This researcher is always looking for innovative ways to improve his business